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Turn your iPad into a fully functioning Point of Sale system. Make sales, add customers, track inventory, book appointments, and run your business like never before. Our Simple Salon POS App for the iPad gets your business mobile


Booking & Scheduling built into our iPad POS app.

Book appointments and view your daily or weekly schedule from a single, elegant booking screen. The simple iPad Point of Sale app also gives you access to a Check-in/out screen that displays all appointments for a given day and tells you who needs to be checked in or out.

iPad POS

A revolutionary POS system.

ConnectBeauty is powered by the iConnect POS system, a simple, revolutionary iPad point of sale app that will eliminate many of the headaches associated with traditional POS Applications.


Integrated customer relationship management.

When you're running a business, a guest is more than just a number to you. With ConnectBeauty Salon POS, you can manage all of your guests' information with built in customer relationship management features that help you stay more connected with your clientele. Our Salon Point of Sale App for the iPad is second to none

Add as many customers to your account as you like, and keep them organized.

Record as much or as little information about your customers as you like.


Increase your team's productivity.

The productivity and efficiency of your business often relies on your employees. Help improve these aspects of your business with extensive employee management features. Train your employees on our iPad Salon POS App in almost no time at all.

Create custom access roles for your employees to limit the functions they can and cannot perform.


A long history of sales.

Every sale you make is saved as an individual ticket in your account. Search through these tickets on the iPad to look up past sales, perform refunds, or reprint receipts. With it's mobility, our iPad Salon Point of Sale App allows the freedom to work from anywhere.

Maintaining digital records of your tickets on your iPad makes it easy to find past sales without searching through thousands of paper tickets.


All your products & services in one place.

Manage your products and services from one simple screen. When you make sales on the iPad Point of Sale App, your inventory will updated accordingly as soon as you sync to the cloud. You also have the ability to receive and reconcile your stock directly from the iPad POS App, which makes one less trip to the old desktop. Mobile POS means you can work anywhere.


An insider's view of your business.

ConnectBeauty's built-in reports will let you know how the app is helping your business succeed and grow. Use the iPad Point of Sale App to check some of the more basic reports offered, and switch to the web POS if you need more advanced data.

The Dashboard screen on the iPad POS App gives you a quick rundown of sales data.


Make this application yours.

With a wide variety of customizable settings, ConnectBeauty can work for nearly any health or beauty industry related business. It's up to you how complicated or simple the iPad POS system is.

Customize all of your account settings right on the iPad.

Nearly every feature can be turned on or off to your liking.


Increase communication with your team.

ConnectBeauty includes a built-in messaging system that allows you to communicate with your employees and vice-versa. Leave a message in the Message Center on the web POS or iPad POS apps, and your whole team will be able to see what you have to say instantly. Stay connected with your iPad no matter where you are.

Use the web or iPad POS apps to write messages to your team on a daily basis.


Tutorials included.

ConnectBeauty is meant to be a POS system that anyone can use. No matter how much or little you know about computers, you can quickly learn how to use ConnectBeauty by watching the tutorial videos that are included in the app itself. A Mobile iPad Point of Sale App has never been this easy to lern or teach.

Built-in training videos make it easy for you to learn ConnectBeauty and train your employees.